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About Go ‘n Groove

A Message from Karen

I started Go ‘n Groove, Adventurous Woman Guided Trips, in 1997 when I moved to Rochester NY. I had moved several times and felt this was a good way to get some of my friends together and to continue using my meeting, planning and hospitality skills, which I missed from my “prior” life. I always hoped to get together with different groups of women, but due to the moves, constrained budgets, busy family lives, etc., those trips kept getting put off.

Women from growing up, college, jobs, and different homes were spread out all over the country. I figured if I planned a special women’s weekend each year, then some friends would come along. In addition, I’d ask those ladies to bring a special friend or two they didn’t get to see often enough. From here Go ‘n Groove has grown to where it is today!

Old Saybrook, CT. Starting at

$ 625
  • Biking in Picturesque Landscapes
  • 3 Nights Accommodations
  • Delicious Culinary Adventures
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