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I can’t wait for next year’s Spinning Divas trip!

“I have hesitated for years to go on Karen’s Spinning Divas trips (busy summer schedules, kids’ activities, cost considerations, etc.), but I finally realized, “what am I waiting for?”. I love cycling, travelling, staying in charming inns, eating great food, and being with great women and it so happens Karen has a knack for combining all of these things into one great trip! She finds the perfect inn, the perfect restaurants and does such a great job of researching the area and making sure that the biking experience is top-notch.


You can go at your own speed, work at your own level, and there’s always someone to make sure you’re ok. In addition, Karen has a knack for knowing how to bring people together and do it well!


Like I described it to one of my friends here in Minneapolis – “When you are with Karen – you know it’s going to be fun!” Also, I met an amazing group of women that I felt I would be friend’s with if I lived near any of them! Karen – this is the knack that you have – the way you bring people together. I can’t wait for next year’s Spinning Divas trip!”

Jennie Kramer Summers, Minneapolis MN

It really is great fun!

“This past weekend I spent 2 nights at the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, NY, with my sister Bodge, Katie and Karen Ansbro, Maria Sheehan and a few women I had never met. Karen (Ansbro) Leone organizes wonderful weekend trips for women. Anyone is invited to go and she does all the work. All I had to do was send her a check. Anyway, I thought you may want to be included in her e-mail list because it’s a wonderful way to get together and look forward to a special weekend with your girlfriends. I know how close you are to your friends and that you aren’t living in the same areas. That’s why Karen originated this. It all started with her core best friends getting together each year (Bodge, Maria and her sister Katie) and each year it was extended through word of mouth. Sometimes there may be only 8 or 10 women, like this past weekend, sometimes 40, as it was recently in Vermont. Next year will probably be at the Equinox Resort and Spa in Vermont.


She also organizes mom and daughter trips (called Ladies ‘n Lasses), womens bike trips (Spinning Divas) and the Girl*friends trips.


I was thinking how fun it would have been if you were there this weekend!! She organizes things to do, but it’s all optional. Hang in a group or do your own thing. We all had a fabulous dinner together the first night, then some of the girls went to the Culinary Institute for dinner on Saturday night. Bodge and I and a friend of mine opted out for a movie instead. It really is great fun!”

Leslie Manton, W. Orange NJ, to a friend online

It was a great trip!

“It was a great trip – can’t wait to see what you put together for the next Spinning Divas tour!!! That canal idea sounded like a fun and interesting one… I enjoyed meeting all the other ladies!


The trip was one of the best – many great memories – the inns were fabulous – all three – I especially liked the William Henry Miller Inn – what a great place. I would have like to have stayed and “lounged” in any one of the three for longer. Favorite eats – Sheldrake Point and the Tapas restaurant in Ithaca – probably will go back to both at some point. The little extras you provided were so well thought out – loved the direction cards and the water bottle. Amy was terrific – hope to connect with her and the bike group sometime. All in all it was a fabulous, very affordable, luxurious way to go on an exhilarating bike ride!


Karen – you do such a wonderful job of putting it all together – I could go on and on – Bravo!”

Kayla Biltucci, Pittsford NY

Thanks for the memories!

“Karen, I commend you for the wonderful job you always do! This was my second year and I had another great time.


It comes at a great time of year ~ after summer and pre-holiday rush.


Thanks for the memories!”

Elizabeth Howse, Rochester NY

We’ve got some pretty funny new ones to add to the roster!

“I had the most wonderful weekend ~ I feel so lucky to have such great friends. I only wish we lived a bit closer. I have a feeling my life would feel so much more whole. There is nothing in the world that beats how it feels to just be together.


It get down to the simple things in life; being with people who know you, love you, accept you, help you laugh at yourself ~ it’s so comforting ~ thanks Karen for coming up with the idea of doing this.


I don’t know if we would have been this good about getting together if it wasn’t for Girl*friends. It’s nice to know the memories didn’t end in our 20’s. We’ve got some pretty funny new ones to add to the roster!”

Maria Sheehan, Boston NY

Thanks, Karen!

“When Karen told me about Girlfriends Weekend for the first time, I was very enthusiastic about going! Besides Karen, I think I’m now the only “girlfriend” who has attended all four years. I’d always had visions of organizing just this kind of weekend for my friends; but of course, I never got around to it! With Karen to do the planning (and she does a wonderful job!), it is the easiest, most stress-free and enjoyable mini-vacation you can imagine.


In years one, two and four, I was joined by Marianne, my best friend from college. The third year, my dear friend Shelly joined me. We loved meeting new women from all over the country-we knew they’d be nice since they were friends with Karen! Needless to say, all three of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Each year, I’ve reconnected with some of the same women who have attended in the past and met some nice new friends. I love being able to go off during the day with my friend, and then join the other attendees to compare stories in the evening. The facilities and surroundings are always beautiful, the food is amazing (perhaps too good?) and it is such a treat not to have to plan much of anything for few days-you just show up!!! Thanks, Karen!”

Kelly McCarthy, Penfield NY

Girl*friends is one of the highlights of the year for me!

“I look so forward to it and would never think of finding excuses why I couldn’t attend. Karen does all the work, I just mark the dates on my calendar and send her the check! I live one hour from two very close college friends, but we find it difficult with our busy schedules to see each other very often. So we set aside one weekend just for us. We just show up and have fun! We have done different things each year on our own, and then enjoy meeting and socializing with the other girl*friends at dinner. Can’t wait until Oct. to be with my girl*friends, Glo and Peg!”

Colleen Piccone, Pittsford NY

Without Karen and Go ‘n Groove it would never happen!

I’ve been on more of Karen’s Girlfriends weekends than I can count.  I look so forward to our girls weekends. Best of all… the only thing I have to do is show up!


Karen does an amazing job at selecting the best location and restaurants!


Love that the trip has structure and freedom to do your own thing.  You can be as flexible as you want or more structured if that is your thing.  I like to be super lazy and go for long hikes, hang in the spa and shop a little.  I know many of the women have enjoyed the cooking and glassblowing classes, but for me it’s about re-connecting with my oldest and dearest friends and without Karen it would never happen!!


Barbara Palma Jackson, Atlanta GA

I plan to block off Go ‘n Groove on my calendar to go every year I can!

I went on the Finger Lakes trip in July, 2014. I had never biked, other than recreational riding for short distances on a beach cruiser. My sister-in-law had been doing the Go ‘n Groove trips for years, and raved about them. So I signed up for the 2014 trip, and convinced my daughter and one of her friends to go with me. We got off to a great start with an informal dinner at a local restaurant the night before we began riding. I had never met any of the other ladies (except my sister-in-law), and by the end of the first night had made some terrific new friends. Every place that we stayed was charming, comfortable, had great views, and was most accommodating. The meals and wine tastings were fabulous. There was also fun down time where we brought our own snacks and drinks and just hung out on the porches of these gorgeous inns. The rides were well planned, and well supported.


I had never done a long distance ride before, and was a bit apprehensive, but Karen and everyone who supported the riders immediately put me at ease. We had a large mix of ages (college to 60s), hometowns, and backgrounds, and everyone got along well and was friendly and supportive. I will be going this year as well, and plan to block off that time on my calendar to go every year if I can.

Pat Broom, Kill Devil Hills NC