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Sweet Spot Bike Skirts | Go' N Groove

Sweet Spot Skirts

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Sweet Spot Skirts are the perfect accessory for any bicycle trip or athletic outing! Cover your Sweet Spot … with a Sweet Spot Skirt!

Go ‘n Groove is the exclusive distributor for Sweet Spot Skirts, adjustable and reversible athletic skirts made in the USA. Great for active women on the go: running, biking, tennis, golf, yoga, etc. Flirty and practical!

If you lead a busy lifestyle jumping from one activity to the next, this is the perfect skirt for you. Sweet Spot Skirts are meant to be worn over your favorite shorts, tights or leggings. They provide a bit of coverage during and after your athletic activities, while ensuring you look stylish the entire time. Many women feel uncomfortable running around town in tight exercise clothing. Instead of tying a sweatshirt around your waist, just snap on a Sweet Spot Skirt and you’re ready to work out, meet friends, run errands and carry on with your day in style.

Each Sweet Spot Skirt fits a range of sizes. The unique snapping system also allows for the freedom to adjust your size. One of the most important things to remember is the skirt is meant to be worn on the hips (not at the waist). The best fit is to fasten at least 3 rows of snaps. We have tried skirts on literally thousands of women, and it never fails to amaze people how flattering the wide waistband is on all body types!

Sport Size: Fits sizes 2-14.  This is our most popular size. It is 12 inches in length (measured from the hips). It’s long enough to cover, but short enough to stay out of the way during activities. Don’t be afraid of it being too short. You will love it…guaranteed!  Measurements: fits hip sizes 31″-40″.  Smaller than a 2 or larger than a 14?  No problem!  Just inquire for those sizes.